"Prompt Excursions knocked the pants off my writing!" AB -- Participant, Prompt Excursions, Palermo December 27-January 3, 2018.

"Visiting the Brera museum with Natalia's questions that were designed to help me see was just that: eye-opening." Marina -- Participant, "Tour of the Brera," Milan, 2017.

"At first, I admit, I was skeptical, but learning how to use Twitter to write short stories was a lot of fun. Natalia soon had us writing our own Twitterature, first in the form of a written exquisite corpse exercise and then interactively. It was a blast." Silvano -- participant, "Twitter Tabloid Tales: A Twitterature Workshop," Milan, 2017.

"I loved my class with Natalia, and found it inspiring. I am pleased with the rough draft of my poem." Marcella --  participant, "When Is An Onion A Rose?" A Workshop On Metaphor," Milan, 2014.

"Natalia is a fantastic teacher and has helped me to better understand the importance of metaphor in creating layers," Francesco -- participant, "When Is An Onion A Rose? A Workshop On Metaphor," Milan, 2014.