Everyone stands alone at the heart of the world,
pierced by a ray of sunlight, and suddenly it’s evening.
— Salvatore Quasimodo
A centuries-old message from my depths, it warned me to guard against myself, and go running in the sun.
— Goliarda Sapienza, The Art of Joy

No Guarantee of Results (writing wise)

Writing is a process, and takes effort. Prompt Excursions cannot guarantee that your writing project will be successful.

Generative Workshop

Prompt Excursions is a generative experience. Our program is designed to facilitate literary production. We welcome all genres, at all stages, but are an experiential, rather than a workshop, setting. Any critiques of manuscripts or work in progress is strictly informal, and outside of the program offerings. 

Reservation of Rights to Change Plans

We work around-the-clock to insure your participation goes smoothly and according to plan. But unexpected problems, often out of our control, can still arise. We urge you to work with us in correcting the problem on the spot instead of dealing with it after you return home. In the event that one of Our planned services cannot be performed, we will make every reasonable effort to reschedule or find an alternative.

Our plans are often dependent on the availability of locations, people, and the cooperation of the weather. We reserve the right to change plans at any time.

In case of printing, typographical error, computer error, verbal or human billing error, we reserve the right to invoice or re-invoice participants with corrected billing.

Your Obligation to Carry Travel Insurance

You agree to carry travel insurance for all phases of your journey. Due to the highly personal nature of the services we provide, we are unable to give refunds in the event that You are unable to travel. Please ensure that your insurance will cover cancellation of Your participation in the program.

Excluded Services

These are services, such as travel insurance, taxis, airfare, and lodging that are Your responsibility to book and are billed to you by the insurer, taxi service, airline, hotel, or other provider directly.

Revocable License

Your participation in the Program is subject to a revocable license, which may be terminated by Us at any time, without refund, if in Our sole judgment such revocation is necessary to preserve the safety or enjoyment of You, Us, or other participants in the Program. In the event of such revocation of license, Your participation in the program is terminated any you may not be able to attend any further events, excursions, extras, or other group activities.

Choice of Law and Venue (New York)

This Agreement will be construed in accordance with the substantive laws of the State of New York. Each of the parties hereby irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of New York or Federal District Court of the Southern District of New York and agree to waive all objections as to venue and forum non conveniens and each irrevocably submits to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the State of New York in personam, generally and unconditionally with respect to any action, suit or proceeding brought by it or against it by the other party.

Frederick [II] learnt to speak six languages fluently, and in all six he was witty. He was at home in Arabian philosophy, and had friendly relations with Mohammedans, which scandalized pious Christians. He was a Hohenstaufen, and in Germany could count as a German. But in culture and sentiment he was Italian, with a tincture of Byzantine and Arab. His contemporaries gazed upon him with astonishment gradually turning into horror; they called him ‘wonder of the world and marvellous innovator’.
— Bertrand Russell, A Modern History of Philosophy